Concrete Answers for Stormwater System Structural Repairs to Reduce Risk

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Exposure to natural elements and everyday wear-and-tear eventually deteriorate structures. When a Missouri retailer found a separated pipe, a sink hole, a broken flume and a cracking catch basin—which exposed them to potential litigation—they needed competitive pricing, responsive service and quick turnaround.

While working with local building codes and regulations, Front Range’s first challenge was to identify hidden issues and isolate any problems from the larger system in order to execute the repairs. This was complicated by heavy traffic patterns in this urban setting. Other challenges addressed:

  • Ensuring the design aesthetically complimented the existing system
  • Controlling cost with simple, creative solutions that also allowed for superior products and durable materials.
  • Repairing the sink hole, pipe, flume and catch basin in expeditious fashion.

The Front Range in-house design and engineering team provided a smart, cost-effective plan.

The client appreciated the turnkey service and prompt solutions. The variety of issues also required compliance with detailed codes. The quick service and cost-effective solutions Front Range provided secured confidence that responsible action was taken and potential litigation avoided—saving the client countless hours and legal fees.


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