No Delays for Major U.S. Airport—
with Smart Stormwater Management

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You don’t have to be a pilot to know that runway lights are critical for safe landings, so when a major U.S. international airport found stormwater threatening to infiltrate their runway lighting system, they needed an immediate response and a dependable solution.

Front Range’s in-house design and engineering team provided the answers by:

  • Acquiring all the necessary permits
  • Accessing the stormwater system and redesigning it with French trench drains to connect with the existing system
  • Creating an effective drainage solution to divert stormwater away from the runway light utility boxes minimizing the risk of an electrical failure.

Airport management appreciated Front Range’s expeditious response and complete turnkey, hassle-free installation.  Everyone appreciated that airport service was never interrupted.


Standing Water Solved with a Fresh Angle

Standing Water Construction Complete Durring Stormwater System Construction
Before Augmentation of Storm System


Continual standing water in a detention pond plagued an Illinois homeowner’s association. Their pond, bordered by 22 lots, should have flowed into a nearby catch basin, but the elevated level impeded drainage. The situation made the land impossible to maintain and provided a breeding ground for mosquitoes—which disturbed homeowners and impacted aesthetics.

Although cost was a concern, Front Range was able to accommodate their limited budget and design a solution—even without the original design plans. When city engineers approved the new plan, Front Range:

  • Monitored the pond for three months to establish base line water flow
  • Installed drain tiles at a lower grade to facilitate the standing water into the catch basins—all while coping with an early snow
  • Completed the project on-time and within the budget.
The smart design and engineering was a cost-effective solution with limited construction impact. The association is pleased with the turnkey service and that the project was completed on-time and within the budget. The homeowners on the 22 lots are now thankful for this effective system.

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