Erosion & Sinkholes: A Turnkey Stormwater Solution
in South Dakota

Erosion Damage Erosion Repair in Progress
Erosion Investigation Erosion Repair Completed


A prominent national retailer found numerous sinkholes appearing in vegetative areas. In addition, severe erosion was visible around the outlets, a sure sign of a failing stormwater system. Front Range’s first challenge was to determine the cause, which required a comprehensive exploration of the issues.

The investigation revealed that the original contractor took shortcuts and failed to follow appropriate installation practices. There was no bedding installed under the 60-inch concrete reinforced pipes (CRP) so when freeze-thaw heaving occurred, the CRP separated. In addition, no sealant or grout was used between the CRP sections, which allowed stormwater to flow through the joints. All these factors contributed to the creation of multiple sink holes and severe erosion around the flared end sections.

With a clear understanding of the problem, Front Range presented a cost-effective, permanent solution that involved:

  • Excavating the area
  • Re-set the separated 60 inch CRP on a compacted bed of gravel
  • Filling in all separated CRP with non-shrink grout
  • Securing land around flared end sections with keyed-in, non-woven geo-textile fabric and strategically placed rip rap
  • Stabilized all disturbed areas with seed and an erosion control blanket.
By providing a complete turnkey program, Front Range saved this client time and money. They avoided government intervention and are now satisfied with a dependable, compliant system—all within their budget.


Erosion Control & Illinois River Shoreline Stabilization and Enhancement

stcharles-before stcharles-after
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The Fox River is a 185-mile navigable waterway running from Wisconsin through Illinois. Over time, fluctuating water levels eroded a half-mile shoreline in St.Charles, IL, making it inaccessible to the community.  Correcting this situation demanded that Front Range stabilize the shoreline, provide community access points and establish a native species habitat.

The challenges? The river’s water levels dramatically fluctuate within hours, which jeopardized the schedule and sequence of tasks.  The shoreline’s non-compactable soils made installing access points difficult and high-season traffic in the urban setting made for creative logistics. In addition, throughout the project, Front Range needed to collaborate with three entities: the Engineering Firm, the Army Corp of Engineers and the Park District.

Front Range quickly assigned a dedicated project manager to coordinate seamless communication between the three entities. Judiciously maneuvered through matters such as:

  • Immediately collaborated with the engineering firm to address unforeseen site issues and present cost-effective solutions
  • Worked to obtain superior materials according to specifications
  • Performed frequent security inspections to limit access to area
  • Implemented the plan with attention to weather reports  and water levels from the local USGS and IDNR
  • Created smart, effective controls for the invading geese
  • Managed costs with an innovative design that eliminated “over-engineering.”

The team met the project installation deadline and complied with all codes. The clients were pleased with complete turnkey, hassle-free service. Everyone appreciated the enhanced environment that is sure to withstand the elements far into the future.

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