A Cleaner Lake & Life-style Enriching Activities
for Cooks Memorial Park

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Stabilize a shoreline. Remove sediment from a lake. Build a boardwalk and gazebo. When Cooks Memorial Park received a grant, they shopped for quality and the most competitive bid to accomplish an ambitious list of must-haves. With a 90-day timeline—while the park hosted two triathlons and three festivals—they also looked for efficiency and flexibility. That’s why Front Range was awarded this challenging project.

Right from the start, Front Range worked closely with the park’s management to seamlessly integrate their schedule with all phases of construction. The applicable stormwater control issues and regulations were identified and addressed. While constructing the gazebo, playground, volleyball court, canoe launch and other features, Front Range also:

  • Dredged 1400 cubic yards of sediment from the lake employing best management practices
  • Installed 500 linear feet turbidity curtain in the lake to protect from dredging activities
  • Stabilized 380 linear feet of shoreline
  • Installed new stormwater drainage
  • Established fresh nature trails
  • Built the board walk from the top down to protect the designated native wetland.

The result? The park is pleased that the project was completed on time and now offers visitors a wider variety of activities. They are confident that their storm water system is in compliance—and the lake is alive offering improved boating experience and an enhanced habitat.. In addition, Front Range is pleased to have received additional business from other associations around the lake.

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