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Innovative solutions. Expertise. Integrity. When you need answers for stormwater management issues,erosion control or infrastructure remediation. Front Range delivers. Your project may be as expansive as restoring a shoreline or as targeted as rehabilitating a sanitary system. When you’re responsible for property or infrastructure, you need professionals who have the broad capabilities and in-depth knowledge required to protect your organization’s assets—and stand behind the work. Creative problem-solving assures you receive the most cost-effective, efficient answers.

Stormwater Compliance Inspections and Maintenance

Stormwater Compliance Inspections

Regulatory education and research services assure your compliance with federal, state and local regulations. During an initial Site Compliance Review, a certified stormwater technician maps the property and identifies key stormwater system components to establish a baseline for the assets that comprise your stormwater system. To provide periodic compliance reviews, the technician performs visual inspections. Inspections can identify:

• Sediment Accumulation
• Hazardous Waste Spills
• Trash / Debris
• Sinkholes
• Poor Drainage
• Erosion
• Overgrown Embankments
• Damaged Structures
• Invasive Species
• Poor Stabilization
• Vandalism
• Wildlife Damage
• Potential Safety Issues

For your security and ease of access, detailed written reports complete with images, explanations and recommendations are available on line 24/7 through the Front Range Connect system.

Most importantly, Front Range can assess your risk through regular visits and documentation, which reduces your exposure to regulatory action and primary responsible party (PRP) liability—giving you and your organization a higher level of protection.


Manhole Reliner

Whether it is due to regulatory compliance, strong operational guidelines or suspected problems; manhole rehabilitation performed by Front Range Environmental brings state of the art technology to your infrastructure. By partnering with specialty manufacturers we are able to provide products that meet your individual adhesion needs including: ease of application, bond strength, structural properties, tie-in factors and anti-corrosive protection. Providing the most environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions Front Range's professional crews are confined space certified and follow OSHA guidelines.


Smart Consulting

Stormwater System Consultation Drawing

Sometimes your needs are as simple as acquiring the right permit. Other occasions require creating a comprehensive Stormwater Management Plans (SWMP) or preparing for a Notice of Termination (N.O.T.) inspection. Front Range’s consulting services can increase your confidence that every stormwater regulation is addressed and BMPs are functioning as designed. If issues arise, third party representation can save time and money; you can depend on Front Range to be your liaison to the Army Corps,EPA or state and local regulatory agencies.


Comprehensive Construction Capabilities

Stormwater System Construction

Front Range’s client list features some of the most recognizable businesses in America. We have the experience to help guide you through the construction process and the reputation that makes even the most inexperienced client feel comfortable. From initial permits through inspection, Front Range’s construction capabilities can help you build, restore or preserve effective stormwater and erosion control systems.

Capabilities Include:

• Shoreline Stabilization and Restoration

• Stormwater System Modifications (altering or adding)

• Wetland Remediation and Prairie Establishment

• Native Species Seeding and Planting

• Grading

• Wetland Aquatic Planting

• Land Clearing and Stabilization

• Stormwater System Infrastructure Repairs

• Catch Basins

• Inlets

• Outfalls

• Trickle Channels

• Flumes

• Best Management Practices (BMPs)

• Silt Fence

• Inlet Protection

• Turbidity Curtains

• Proprietary Oil Grease Separators, Hydrodynamic Separation and Filtration, Swirl Concentrator Systems: Contech, Vortech, CDS, Interceptor, Stormceptor

• Dredging


Front Range demonstrates its commitment by ensuring every project exemplifies environmental responsibility, maintains jobsite safety and performs according to legal and ethical business practices--while focusing on quality construction, your budget and your schedule.

Dependable Stormwater System Maintenance & Repair

Stormwater System Maintenance

To remain effective, stormwater systems require routine attention. You can depend on Front Range for regular cleaning, repair and maintenance of stormwater systems as well as stormwater lift stations and green roofs. Front Range has experienced field staff with the know-how to keep logic boards, control panels, mechanical pumps and floats operating smoothly. Plus, Front Range’s trained, experienced experts install and maintain aerators and fountain systems as well as perform water quality testing. Certified personnel install and maintain proprietary water systems, such as Contech, Vortech, Baysaver, CDS, Stormceptor and more. They may apply non-selective/selective herbicides or mow/trim to control vegetation. In addition, Front Range can act as your steward by monitoring native and invasive species and plant life.

From detention ponds to catch basins, Front Range cleans, vacuums and contains pollutants before they become a hazard or render a stormwater system ineffective.


24/7 Emergency Response

Emergency Response Vehicle

When a spill jeopardizes safety or extreme weather threatens stormwater systems, Front Range provides 24/7 Emergency Response excecuted by HazWoper trained professionals.

You can use Front Range to:

• mitigate, contain and prevent the spill's spread
• perform proper clean-up and treatment of contaminants
• strictly follow all regulatory guidelines for disposal of hazardous materials
• manage your emergencies cost effectively
• investigate the cause
• provide "timely" response

Whatever your stormwater management emergency, Front Range offers a one-stop source focused on minimizing risk and liability.

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