Stormwater Management for Distribution Centers

The transportation and distribution industries face unique environmental risks—and strict NPDES requirements demand vigilant water quality monitoring. Penalties can be steep if your facility is found in non-compliance.

Improperly maintained stormwater systems not only contaminate the environment but can also result in expensive infrastructure deterioration or collapse, which impairs operations. To keep your operation running smoothly, FRE assists transportation facilities, such as vehicle maintenance shops, equipment cleaning areas and de-icing operations, in securing and maintaining required permits.

FRE can help eliminate contaminated run off through material management, “housekeeping” techniques and implementation of a stormwater monitoring plan that guarantees compliance. In addition, FRE can perform monthly, water quality monitoring, which saves you time. This mitigates stormwater non-compliance and helps to create stronger relationships with government entities. Using established Best Management Practices (BMP's), FRE delivers compliance, savings—and peace of mind.

Serving These Markets
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Transportation/Distribution
  • Property Managers
  • Homeowners Associations
Look for 5 Factors
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Thorough Knowledge of Regulations
  • Broad Capabilities
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Overall Professionalism