Serving Diverse Clients with Broad Capabilities

Whether you’re managing retail locations nationwide or serving a condo association, Front Range offers experience, broad services and cost-effective solutions that protect your assets.


Stormwater Retention Pond


National and local retailers—in more than 2000 locations in 28 states—rely on FRE for the professional stormwater management solutions you need to keep your stores operating smoothly. As a retailer, your primary focus is on customer satisfaction and selling products and services. That’s why, FRE is focused on ensuring locations are always in compliance with federal, state and local stormwater regulations. Our tailored national stormwater compliance and maintenance programs streamline managerial efforts and provide peace of mind.

FRE provides economies of scale in stormwater management services. Corporate objectives are established and maintenance activities are defined by each municipality’s unique codes and requirements. All site activities are documented using our advanced web-based Front Range Connect report and storage platform. Providing our clients 24 hour access, and guaranteed compliance.

With training in stormwater system maintenance, HAZMAT, confined space and OSHA regulations, FRE personnel provide native stewardship, emergency spill response, compactor services as well as stormwater system repair, redesign and construction. FRE’s attention to quality works to preserve and strengthen the trust and respect of your local community.


Industrial Businesses

Stormwater Industrial Shoreline Restoration and Shoreline Protection

Now more than ever, federal, state and municipal stormwater regulations require management to prevent stormwater pollution. In addition, your industry may require General Industrial Stormwater permits.

FRE can help you identify and implement effective and economical maintenance measures for your facility that ensure you’re in compliance with these complex regulations. Services may also include discharge identification, spills prevention or a Best Management Practice (BMP) review. Plus, FRE can help your organization remain up-to-date on new and changing regulations.

FRE’s complete turnkey stormwater and maintenance services offer the perfect solution. It’s one call to experienced professionals—and compliance is guaranteed.


Government Facilities

Wetland Remediation for Government

Under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), the EPA mandates that municipalities have a program to regulate stormwater discharge. This means municipalities of all sizes are now required to obtain permits for stormwater discharge. Public employees, plant operators and government construction contractors struggle with the maze of EPA requirements to avoid severe fines. Furthermore, the EPA continues to revise and develop additional regulations that must be followed.

FRE can help governments determine how to best comply with these evolving regulatory requirements. In addition, municipalities appreciate FRE’s budgetary planning assistance, which helps to control system maintenance expenses.

With multi-faceted capabilities and a turn-key program, FRE offers the broad services that simplify the compliance, maintenance, repair and construction of stormwater systems. This dedicated, focused expertise exemplifies how Front Range can provide labor-saving benefits for your municipality.



Stormwater Management for Distribution Centers

The transportation and distribution industries face unique environmental risks—and strict NPDES requirements demand vigilant water quality monitoring. Penalties can be steep if your facility is found in non-compliance.

Improperly maintained stormwater systems not only contaminate the environment but can also result in expensive infrastructure deterioration or collapse, which impairs operations. To keep your operation running smoothly, FRE assists transportation facilities, such as vehicle maintenance shops, equipment cleaning areas and de-icing operations, in securing and maintaining required permits.

FRE can help eliminate contaminated run off through material management, “housekeeping” techniques and implementation of a stormwater monitoring plan that guarantees compliance. In addition, FRE can perform monthly, water quality monitoring, which saves you time. This mitigates stormwater non-compliance and helps to create stronger relationships with government entities. Using established Best Management Practices (BMP's), FRE delivers compliance, savings—and peace of mind.


Property Managers/Homeowners Associations

Erosion Control and Shoreline Protection


If you’re responsible for the proper management of any real estate interest, you know that each municipality establishes their own regulations—and that landscaping regulations can differ from stormwater requirements. FRE can identify the regulations that pertain to your property and inventory your stormwater system to be sure you’re in compliance.

When there’s a problem, FRE listens to your needs. We make site-specific recommendations, that are aesthetically pleasing, along with a maintenance plan to help avoid future problems. A course-of-action may address shoreline protection, erosion control, structure repair, wetland and native stewardship, fountain aeration, mosquito control or any stormwater issues that property managers and associations confront. When necessary, we provide a detailed presentation to your stakeholders to help you communicate your property’s needs and the cost/benefit analysis of your project—so everyone is on board.

You’ll be pleased with the high level of professionalism and outstanding work that protects the owners’ interests, the environment—and your budget. With FRE, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

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